Why Gözen Air Services?

Build your future in the aviation industry!

A boost in growth arising especially in recent years in the aviation industry, which is in a continuous development and progress, has made this field of activity much more meaningful and attractive for job opportunities. Gözen Air Services, leaving 30 years being with a rooted corporate culture and consistent policies, aims to be one of the most important companies of the industry as today and in the future.

Gözen Air Services, considering human being as the most important source, grows this family with its fast, lissom and responsible staff.

Being a member of Gözen Air Services means to be a big family in a working area based on cooperation and solidarity.

Our HR applications

The purpose of Human Resources applications of Gözen Air Services is to hire staff members qualified for the areas it is active in and to ensure sustainability.

Our corporate organization enables us to evaluate our employees in duties, at which they can use their competencies and qualifications efficiently and contribute to the activities of the company in reaching its aims.

In line with contemporary systems, we carefully conduct our human resources processes.

We make objective and fair evaluations based on the qualifications and personal skills, which the job requires.