Flight Supervision, Representation & Administration

No matter what type of flight or where in Turkey, you intend to operate; Gozen Air Services is ready to assist at any time.

There are dozens of potential issues that may lead to a delay. We work to solve them before they become a problem or minimize their effects if unavoidable. Our supervision notion is not as supervision is usually understood, we are always involved directly in the actual operation, our supervisors organize services for the flight with all third party agents and officials even before the aircraft lands then meet the aircraft personally on parking stand and coordinate all services on the ramp in contact with crew and all third parties, aiming for a minimum ground time. We act also as a bridge to the crew, providing them with any info either by e-mail, fax or on the phone.

Whether for business or pleasure, your passengers are ushered to pre-determined meeting points to be greeted by their local representatives, ensuring that their valuable time is not wasted completing airport procedures. Gözen Air Services specializes in taking care of customs and immigration formalities ensuring quick service at every step.

Gözen Air Services believes that after a long day in the aircraft, the crew reserves the same relaxing service. Entrust us to get fuel delivered to the aircraft on time. The aircraft arrival documentation is completed competently and swiftly. Wait for your VIP crew buses to get you to the hotel of your choice.

As our guest, you will enjoy our own private crew lounge at General Aviation Terminal with wireless Internet access, soft drinks, snacks and TV facilities. Trust our professional flight support staff to handle your ground transportation arrangements, catering and hotel requirements.

Since our establishment, we have been working closely with all our Authorities to obtain slot and traffic rights for more than 100 airlines from several continents which are operating to Turkey. We manage with slot and traffic right programs of airlines with different nature and volume of operations. Charter, Scheduled Services, Low Cost, Cargo, Military Carriers… The different nature of all of them guaranties we have a clear idea of what is going on in every step of their operations.

We have always kept ourselves up-to-date on every regulation which may applicable and the airports which is the best way to operate successfully to Turkey. With a customer base extending to national carriers, major alliances, cruise, express, freighter operators, GSAs, Tour operators, freight forwarders and state operation, we provide a flexible and responsive service to meet the specific customer needs.